Behavior Resources

Dog Behavior Program

Amanda M. Payne, DVM, Canine Behavior Veterinarian

Animal Friends Alliance offers affordable canine behavior support services to the public through consultations with Amanda M. Payne, DVM. We can provide support with many different behavioral concerns, ranging from anxiety and fear to reactivity and aggression. We can discuss management strategies for challenging behaviors, implement behavioral modification protocols, prescribe medications to help with anxiety and behavioral health, provide referrals to trainers who use scientifically-backed methods, and more. We are committed to providing a judgment-free place to discuss your pet’s safety and quality of life as you work through these challenges together.

For more information or to set up a consultation with our Canine Behavior Veterinarian, email Amanda at Amanda.Payne@SavingAnimalsToday.org or call 970-484-8516 ext. 7276.

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