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UPDATE 2/22/2022: Due to raising prices of goods and services, we must plan to adjust our prices accordingly. These changes will be reflected March 1st, 2022.

You can now schedule an appointment for spay/neuter, drive through vaccines at our Mulberry Clinic, or vaccines in Loveland at Hank’s Pet Food Market through our online scheduler. Please have your records handy when scheduling and be prepared to pay the fee or deposit in advance. A non-refundable veterinary exam fee is required for all vaccine appointments ($10 each for 1-3 pets, $5 each for 4+ pets). Spay/neuter surgery requires a $20 non-refundable deposit per animal.

We are looking forward to assisting you and your pet and we thank you for being a responsible pet parent! We are continuing to operate using curbside/drive-thru service at our Mulberry Campus, so please remain in your vehicle for the duration of your visit. Masks are encouraged but not required at this time.

Surgical Fees

A $20 deposit, per pet, is required for all surgery appointments at time of scheduling and will be applied toward the fees listed below. If you cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to surgery, your deposit can be transferred to a future appointment, or donated to Animal Friends Alliance. It is NOT refundable.

Veterinary Exam, surgery, pain medication to go home, and e-collar.

Veterinary Exam, surgery, and a 72-hour extended-release pain medication injection.


Additional Surgical Procedures & Services
  • Pre-Anesthetic Health Panel $40
  • General Health Panel $50
  • Inguinal and umbilical hernia repair can be performed at the time of spay/neuter.
    • Adult female dog umbilical hernia repair $25
    • Adult male dog umbilical hernia repair $40
    • Cat umbilical hernia repair: $40


Payments accepted

We accept cash, Scratchpay, CareCredit, and other major credit cards (no checks).

Spay / Neuter

Weighs 2-39 pounds – $200

Weighs 40-59 pounds – $225

Weight 60-99 pounds – $250

Weight 100 pounds or more – $300

Additional fee for female dogs if:
IN HEAT – +$20
OBESE – $25–$50

Additional fee for male dogs if:
CRYPTORCHID – $25–$150

Female Cat


Male Cat


Additional fee if:

Barn Cat (friendly & able to handle)


  • Price includes Rabies & FVRCP Vaccine
  • Ear tip REQUIRED
  • Limited openings
Feral Cat (untame & requires trapping)


  • Price includes Rabies & FVRCP Vaccine
  • Ear tip REQUIRED
  • Limited openings
Basic Dog Package


Rabies, Da2PPV & Bordetella Vaccines

+ Leptospirosis Vaccine $55

Super Dog Package


Basic PLUS Heartworm Testing

+ Leptospirosis Vaccine $65

Deluxe Dog Package

Price dependent on weight:

XS-S $115

M $135

L $145

Super PLUS 12 Months Interceptor Plus

XS-S + Leptospirosis Vaccine $120

M + Leptospirosis Vaccine $140

L + Leptospirosis Vaccine $150

Basic Cat Package


Rabies & FVRCP Vaccines

Super Cat Package


Basic PLUS Feline Leukemia & FIV Testing

Deluxe Cat Package


Super PLUS Feline Leukemia Vaccine

Brachycelphalic Pet Package

Brachycephalic breeds are animals that are prone to difficulty breathing due to shortened noses and skulls. Brachycephalic animals may have more difficulty with thermoregulation and can be prone to other health concerns as a result. The most common brachycephalic animals include Pugs, French and English Bulldogs, and Himalayan and Persian cats, among others. Our team must provide extra care and support for these animals to keep them safe during surgical procedures, such as administering supplemental oxygen, modified or extra anesthetic, and administering Cerenia, an antiemetic medication preventing nausea and vomiting. The Brachycephalic Package will be added as a surcharge for pet owners of these breeds undergoing surgical procedures, as this helps us cover the cost of the additional time and supplies needed to keep these pets safe.


Vaccines are available by appointment only and require a non-refundable veterinary exam fee ($10 per pet for 1-3 pets, $5 per pet for 4+ pets) to reserve your slot and time. Schedule online here. Click here for more information or view our calendar for upcoming vaccine clinic dates.

Please note: we accept cash, Scratchpay, CareCredit, and other major credit cards (no American Express, no checks).

Heartworm Testing & Prevention

If you would like to purchase heartworm prevention, your dog must be seen by our veterinarian and must have either a heartworm test within the last year and a current prescription for heartworm prevention or have a heartworm test performed during their visit.

At Animal Friends Alliance, we recommend annual heartworm testing and monthly heartworm prevention for the life of the pet. Fort Collins and Larimer County have a high rate of heartworm infection based on the American Heartworm Society’s incidence map.

We require a veterinary exam at the time of the heartworm test during our vaccine clinics to establish a client-patient-veterinarian relationship. Animal Friends Alliance tests all dogs 7 months and older. It is suggested to bring in your dog for a current weight if you are refilling for a 6 month heartworm preventative refill if you did not obtain a 12 month supply at the time of your original appointment.

A La Carte Cat Vaccines & Services
  • Rabies Vaccine $25
  • “Combo” FVRCP Vaccine $15
  • Feline Leukemia Vaccine $20
  • Feline Leukemia & FIV Testing $20
  • Soft Claws Application $20
  • Profender Topical De-Wormer $15
  • Revolution Plus Topical Flea/Tick/Ear Mite Prevention $15
A La Carte Dog Vaccines & Services
  • Rabies Vaccine $25
  • “Combo” Da2PPV Vaccine $15
  • DA2PPV and Leptospirosis Vaccines $20
  • “Kennel Cough” Bordetella Vaccine $15
  • Leptospirosis Only Vaccine $15
  • Heartworm Testing $15
  • Drontal De-Wormer (2 Doses included) $10 – $70
  • Interceptor Plus Extra Small (2-8 lbs)
    (6 mo. $35 / 12 mo. $60)
  • Interceptor Plus Small (8.1-25 lbs)
    (6 mo. $35 / 12 mo. $60)
  • Interceptor Plus Medium (25.1-50 lbs)
    (6 mo. $45 / 12 mo. $80)
  • Interceptor Plus Large (50.1-100 lbs)
    (6 mo. $50 / 12 mo. $90)
  • Parastar Topical Flea and Tick Prevention $15 (1 dose) $45 (3 pack)
  • Credelio Oral Flea and Tick Prevention $16
Additional Services & Procedures
  • Microchip with lifetime registration $30
  • Larimer County License $15-35
  • Flea & Tick Prevention
    (3 months) $40
  • Nail Trim at Surgery $5
  • Soft Claws $20
  • Rabies Reissue tag $5