Resources for New Adopters

First Vet Visit

Please take your newly adopted pet in for a check-up within 14 days of adoption. Contact your favorite veterinarian to see if they offer a free initial visit for newly-adopted pets, or visit one of these participating veterinarians.

Bringing Home Your New Pet

Change, even finding a loving home, can be stressful for a new pet. Here are some tips to help your new pet transition into their new home.

For training tips, or if you have questions on behavior, please see our resource page. 

Microchip Information

We use “Found Animals” microchips. If your pet received a Found Animals chip from us, you can register it at foundanimals.org/microchip-registry. If your pet received a microchip from a previous owner, you may have to contact another company to update the chip with your contact information.


Volunteers are an essential part of Animal Friends Alliance’s Vision—that all companion animals experience a healthy home where they are wanted, cared for and loved.

Click below to find out more about how you can volunteer with Animal Friends Alliance.

Follow Us On Social Media

Follow us for information on special events, rescue stories and all the cute animal pictures you can handle!

When you take photos of your newly adopted pet, please send them to us on social media so we can share your new family member!

Ways To Give

If you want to help animals that are still in our care, we have many ways to give. Donate supplies from our wishlist, become an Animal Advocate Club Member by committing to a monthly gift, buy Animal Friends Alliance merchandise, or learn about other ways to give.

Respiratory Illnesses

While our veterinary staff ensures that every animal is healthy prior to adoption, being in close quarters with other animals and the stress of transitioning to a new home can cause cats and dogs to get a respiratory illness similar to a human “cold.” Learn more about these illnesses and how to address them.

Our Business Partners

These important business sponsors have made a commitment to the long-term sustainability of our organization by providing ongoing monetary support or by donating essential supplies or services, like medical care or pet food.

Please consider supporting these awesome businesses. Their sustained support allows us to help more animals!