Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Application Update

Our application is currently closed and will reopen on July 1, 2024. We are restructuring our new volunteer onboarding schedule because our introductory animal care volunteer shifts are full. Applications will be opened for two weeks on a quarterly basis. We are still accepting volunteers in the areas of fostering, community service, service groups, animal transfer, community pet resources, and handiwork/landscaping. Please email volunteer@savinganimalstoday.org if you are interested in these other opportunities and we will get you onboarded sooner.

Volunteer Requirements

Age Requirements

Volunteers ages 18 and up may volunteer in the opportunity of their choice.  Volunteers under 18 may volunteer in the roles described below. Volunteers under 18 years old are required to have a parent or guardian sign their Volunteer Release Form.

  • Dog Walking & Enrichment Volunteers
    • Volunteers ages 13-17 are permitted to volunteer in Dog Walking & Enrichment along with a parent or guardian who is also a trained volunteer.
    • No more than 2 children will be allowed to walk with an adult at once.
    • Volunteers ages 16+ years old with required experience (training and 20 hours of service) can request to do Dog Walking & Enrichment alone.
  • Shelter Dog Care Volunteers
    • Volunteers ages 13-17 are permitted to volunteer in Shelter Dog Care along with a parent or guardian who is also a trained volunteer.
    • Volunteers ages 16+ years old with required experience (training and 20 hours of service) can request to do Shelter Dog Care alone.
  • Shelter Cat Care Volunteers
    • Volunteers ages 13-17 are permitted to volunteer in Shelter Cat Care & Enrichment along with a parent or guardian who is also a trained volunteer.
    • Volunteers ages 16+ years old with required experience (training and 20 hours of service) can request to do Shelter Cat Care & Enrichment alone.
  • Outreach & Community Events
    • Volunteers ages 13+ may volunteer for special events, Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry, and outreach on a case-by-case basis.
  • Community Service
    • We accept volunteers 18 and over for court-ordered community service.
    • Community Service volunteers do not interact with animals. They provide shelter support including washing dishes, doing laundry, general cleaning, and special projects.
    Time Commitment
    • We ask volunteers to commit to two volunteer shifts per month. Volunteer shift times vary by assignment, but are always at least one hour long.
    • We ask volunteers to commit to three months of service to Animal Friends Alliance. Our volunteers are important to us, and we hope you will stay much longer!
    • We ask all volunteers to have an email address they will check at least once a week.
    • We ask all volunteers to help with one event or fundraiser 1 event per year. This could be a fundraising event such as our annual Gala for Animals, an outreach event, or a Kibble Supply distribution day.
    Volunteer Fee

      As part of our application process, we ask for a $35 volunteer fee ($50 for a parent and 2 children) to help cover the costs of your volunteer T-shirt, nametag, handouts, background check (if 18 or older), and our online volunteer information center. We hope it is a small price to pay for the good feeling of knowing that you are helping the animals and people in our community, but if you are unable to pay, please contact our Volunteer Program Manager.

      Please contact our Volunteer Program Manager at volunteer@savinganimalstoday.org for more information.

      Volunteer Opportunities

      Animal Care Volunteer

      Animal Care Volunteers care for adoptable cats and dogs at our shelters. They are responsible for cleaning, feeding, assisting with medical care, and enrichment, including walking, playtime, and socialization. 

      Foster Volunteer

      Foster Volunteers provide temporary shelter and care for animals in their homes. They also transport fosters to and from the shelter for veterinary appointments, to offsite locations, and adoption events. Foster volunteers must be at least 18 years old and have a home check. Please visit the Foster Volunteer page for more information.

      Community Outreach Volunteer

      Community Outreach Volunteers help us spread the word about Animal Friends Alliance services and programs. Responsibilities can include: posting event flyers in the community, taking photographs, and staffing our booth at outreach events and Supply Drives.

      Supply Drive volunteers help us set up and run supply drives at local grocery stores where we ask shoppers to donate items on a wishlist. These are essential for our shelter and other Animal Friends Alliance programs’ operations, ensuring we have the resources needed to care for and support animals in need. 

      Kibble Distribution Volunteers

      Kibble Distribution Volunteers help us distribute free pet food and supplies to people in need and check in clients on kibble distribution days. Kibble Supply volunteers are also needed to help organize the Kibble Closet by sorting donations and arranging items by category.

      Service Projects

      Is your service club or company interested in volunteering at Animal Friends Alliance? Animal Friends Alliance allows clubs, service groups, and corporations the opportunity to develop valuable team-building skills while lending their time and expertise to a great cause – helping animals! Service projects could include: hosting a supply drive, or cleaning our shelter, event flyering, assistanting during outreach events, etc. This can be a one time volunteer opportunity or recurring service projects.

      Steps to become an Animal Friends Alliance volunteer

      Step 1: Fill out our online Volunteer Application Form

      Step 2: Attend a volunteer orientation

      Orientation serves as an introduction to our organization, our services and policies, the requirements to become a volunteer, and the positions that are currently available. It is a time for you to ask questions about positions you may be interested in or policies we hold.

      Step 3: Pay volunteer fee & complete background check

      The $35 volunteer fee covers your background check (applicable to adults 18 and over), a volunteer t-shirt, name tag, a copy of the volunteer manual & other handouts, training, and our volunteer database. The fee for families (one adult and up to 2 minors) is $50. If the fee is cost-prohibitive, or you prefer to pay by check or cash, please contact the Volunteer Program Manager to make alternative arrangements.

      You will be sent a link to pay the fee after you’ve attended a volunteer orientation.

      Step 4: Complete Onboarding Videos

      You will have access to two onboarding videos on your volunteer portal that will show prospective volunteers what a typical volunteer shift may look like. Each video will have a short quiz afterward. Once this step is completed, you can sign up for hands-on training.

      Step 5: Complete training & start volunteering!

      You will be matched with a Volunteer Mentor or Staff member who will begin your training for your position. Volunteers are welcome to hold as many positions as desired but must complete the necessary training for each position.

      Please contact our Volunteer Program Manager at volunteer@savinganimalstoday.org if you have any questions.