End of Life Services
Owner-Requested Euthanasia

At Animal Friends Alliance, we understand how challenging the decision can be to compassionately choose humane euthanasia for your beloved pet. We’re here to support you during this difficult time. 

The Alliance offers euthanasia services for owned animals. Owner requested euthanasia can be used for the same reasons we euthanize animals in the shelter. These reasons include illness, injury, aggression towards people or animals, severe behavior disorders, circumstances contributing to the pet being considered unsafe, or other reasons which result in decreased quality of life for the pet and/or owner. Animal Friends Alliance understands, respects, and supports all families facing challenging euthanasia decisions. Owners requesting this service will be treated with dignity and sensitivity.

Email our Canine Behavior Veterinarian, Dr. Amanda M. Payne, to schedule your quality of life consultation/euthanasia request at Amanda.Payne@SavingAnimalsToday.org.

Frequently Asked Questions
Services & Scheduling

End of life services can be provided for dogs, cats, and most pet exotics (rabbits, ferrets, birds, rodents, reptiles) by appointment only. Contact the Canine Behavior Veterinarian for confirmation or questions about species. Services cannot be provided for stray animals, wildlife or large/farm animals. Owners will be required to complete a quality of life consultation form. Scheduling can be done by emailing our Canine Behavior Veterinarian, Dr. Amanda M. Payne, at Amanda.Payne@SavingAnimalsToday.org.

End of Life Services Cost

Service Fees

  • Owner present euthanasia ($100)
  • Owner not present euthansia ($50)
  • Return of cremains to owner ($50-$200 based on pet’s weight)
  • Cremains spread at cremation location ($35)
  • Clay paw print ($17 each)
  • Paper/ink paw print and/or nose print (no additional charge)
  • Other mementos offered, request at time of Quality of Life Consultation (varies per request)