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UPDATE 2/22/2022: Due to raising prices of goods and services, we must plan to adjust our prices accordingly. These changes will be reflected March 1st, 2022

You can now schedule an appointment for spay/neuter, drive through vaccines at our Mulberry Clinic, or vaccines in Loveland at Hank’s Pet Food Market through our online scheduler. Please have your records handy when scheduling and be prepared to pay the fee or deposit in advance.  A non-refundable veterinary exam fee is required for all vaccine appointments ($10 each for 1-3 pets, $5 each for 4+ pets). Spay/neuter surgery requires a $20 non-refundable deposit per animal. If you need financial assistance, please do not use the online scheduler, please visit our PAL+ program page, email pal@savinganimalstoday.org, or call (970) 666-7085.  

We are looking forward to assisting you and your pet and we thank you for being a responsible pet parent!  We are continuing to operate using curbside/drive-thru service at our Mulberry Campus, so please remain in your vehicle for the duration of your visit.  Masks are encouraged but not required at this time.

Spay / Neuter Clinic

The services in our clinic are available to any dog or cat owner or caretaker of feral/barn cats and are focused on the prevention of pet overpopulation and pet disease.

We are a nonprofit, high-quality, subsidized (low-cost) clinic. All of our spay/neuter procedures are performed by licensed, Colorado veterinarians with a tremendous amount of experience performing spays and neuters. We perform more than 6,000 spay and neuter procedures each year! We are able to provide our services at such a low cost because we are a nonprofit organization and we receive donations and grant-funding from our many supporters.

Public surgery days are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and one Saturday a month. To schedule, call 970-484-1861. Check our Calendar to see the dates we are closed in addition to Sundays.

Rest assured that your beloved pet will be well cared for by animal-loving professionals during their stay!

We offer all of the following clinical services:

  • Spay/neuter surgery for dogs and cats
  • Vaccinations (Weekly clinics, learn more here)
  • Blood testing
  • Heartworm testing & preventative*
  • De-wormer
  • Microchipping
  • Nail trims (ask for more information)
  • And more!

If the fees are at ALL prohibitive to your ability to spay or neuter your pets, we have an assistance program (PAL+) that we encourage you to inquire about when calling to schedule an appointment.

Schedule a surgery online now

If you need financial assistance, please click here.  Public surgery days are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and one Saturday a month. Check our Calendar to see the dates we are closed in addition to Sundays. An appointment and payment of a $20.00 non-refundable deposit (per animal) are required. The deposit will be taken at the time of scheduling and will be applied toward the cost of services. If you need to reschedule, call at least 48 hours prior to your appointment and we can apply the deposit to your rescheduled appointment. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please complete the initial intake form by clicking the button below to get started. [Hablamos español; llama al 970-672-3550.]

Rabies vaccine is required: All animals serviced at our clinic must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination, or receive the vaccination in our clinic at the time of surgery for $20. If your pet is up-to-date on rabies you will need to bring proof on the day of their appointment in the form of a rabies certificate from a qualified veterinarian. Rabies tags will not be considered proof of inoculation.

Females are tattooed: Your pet will receive a small, green tattoo near the incision site. This tattoo is not another incision – it is just a small score in the top layers of the skin filled with tattoo ink and covered with surgical glue. The tattoo will ensure that anyone examining your animal will know they have been previously spayed, and it’s especially helpful if your pet were ever lost and found. When your pet’s fur grows back after surgery, the tattoo isn’t normally visible.

Good to Know: Please bring prior vaccine records for your pets if you have them. All cats must be in carriers, and all dogs must be on leashes. Please note we accept cash, Scratchpay, CareCredit, and other major credit cards (no American Express, no checks).

Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance

If you are on government assistance or are low-income and need help with the cost of services, you may apply for financial assistance through our Prevent A Litter Plus (PAL+) Program.

Feral & Barn Cat Procedures

Feral and barn cats are welcome in our clinic for surgery on regular surgery days, and pricing includes spay/neuter, pain medication, rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, and ear-tip (required).

  • BARN CAT (friendly and able to handle): $50 (male or female)
  • FERAL CAT (untamed and requires trapping): $35 (male or female)

If you do not want the cat to be ear-tipped, you will be asked to pay our regular fees. Animal Friends Alliance believes that sterilizing feral cats is a very important piece of ending pet overpopulation which is why we offer this community service at such a low price. Appointments are required, so please call us ahead of time if you are planning to trap feral cats for surgery in our clinic! Click here for more information on the services we offer for feral cats.

We are now a retailer for Tru Catch Light Duty Animal Traps, which are perfect for trapping cats for transport to our clinic. They are available for purchase from our shelter for $70 each and are the same style used by our Community Cat Program.

Schedule a vaccine appointment here

Vaccine Clinic

Animal Friends Alliance holds vaccine clinics approximately once a week in Fort Collins (at our clinic, 2321 E. Mulberry St., Unit 3) and once a month at Hank’s Pet Food Market in Loveland (2287 W Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO 80537).  

    Vaccines are available by appointment only and require a non-refundable veterinary exam fee ($10 per pet for 1-3 pets, $5 per pet for 4+ pets) to reserve your slot and time. Schedule online here.

    Always check our Calendar of Events for dates and locations.

    Important Information for vaccine clinics
    • We accept credit/debit cards (including CareCredit and Scratchpay) and cash. We are unable to accept checks.
    • If your pet has had previous vaccinations, please bring any and all records you have with you.
    • We are unable to provide 3-year rabies and/or distemper vaccines without a record of a previous vaccine.
    • We are unable to provide 3-year rabies and/or distemper vaccines if the previous vaccine is more than a month expired, or we are attempting to give a vaccine more than a month earlier than the due date.
    • All cats need to be in secured carriers. Cats cannot be loose at any point while on our property.
    • If you would like your cat to wait in our quiet medical ward rather than in the waiting room or outside just let our staff know!
    • All dogs need to be on a leash and under control at all times.
    • All pets in the waiting room must be well-behaved and quiet. Owners with barking, aggressive, or frightened dogs will be asked to wait outside.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    When does the vaccine clinic open?

    The medical team will begin seeing pets at 9AM. Early check-in begins at 8:30AM and clients are welcome to arrive as early as 8AM for queue number assignment. The clinic closes promptly at 1PM – no exceptions.

    How long is the expected wait time?

    The average wait time at our walk-in vaccine clinic is 1 hour.

    Am I able to leave and come back after signing in?

    No. We ask that clients remain on site after signing in so that medical staff can easily locate them when they are ready for their pets. Clients with well behaved pets are welcome to wait inside the clinic if they expect to be called by medical staff soon. We ask everyone else to please wait outside the clinic.

    What are my options if I'm not able to wait?

    We provide vaccines by appointment one Thursday per month. There is a $10 fee to attend and each pet will be assigned a ten minute time slot. These days tend to fill up relatively quickly. We also have a large list of partner vets in the area that would be happy to provide vaccines on an appointment basis at their regular cost.

    Is it better to come to the event early or late?

    If you arrive early you will have a better idea of how long the wait will be and you will be able to take care of your pets’ vaccines first thing in the morning.

    If you arrive later on busy days you risk being at the back of a very long line. If you arrive later on slow days you have the possibility of skipping the early rush and having a much shorter wait. Arriving late is less reliable and only recommended for customers with the flexibility of getting the vaccines elsewhere if the wait is too long.

    What should I expect at the vaccine clinic?

    When you arrive you will be assigned a number based on the order customers arrived. You will be given a clipboard with a vaccine sheets for each pet and those sheets will be marked with your corresponding customer number.

    Customer numbers will be called up in order for check-in. Paperwork and previous vaccine records will be reviewed during check-in and all questions will be answered.

    When check-in is complete, customer numbers will be called a second time for payment. License and rabies tags will be assigned and any medication will be labeled. Any final questions will be answered and payment (cards or cash) will be taken.

    The medical team will call customer numbers for a final time and pets will be vaccinated in a quiet, separate area. Customers are welcome to let the medical staff know of any questions or concerns at this time. Customers are not allowed to accompany pets in the medical ward due to space and safety concerns.

    When the medical team has completed services for your pets, you will be provided a copy of their paperwork and any relevant tags.

    What should I do if I have an aggressive dog or cat?

    We strongly suggest making a ten minute appointment for our monthly Thursday vaccine clinic. Walk-in vaccine clinics are typically crowded and somewhat hectic and are not ideal for aggressive, frightened, or difficult to control pets.

    If you are not able to make an appointment, please let staff know immediately if you have an aggressive, frightened, or difficult to control pet or pets. Our medical staff will assist in any way that we can.

    What if I still have questions?

    Please call the clinic at 970-484-1861, Monday through Friday 8AM to 3PM, and we will answer any additional questions!