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There will be many moments in life when you ask yourself: What do I stand for? Including Animal Friends Alliance in your long-term charitable planning is a profoundly meaningful answer, and a powerful way to establish your personal legacy. When you make a planned or legacy gift to us, you can trust that it will go on to help homeless and at-risk animals, and people who love them, for years to come. And truly anyone can make a planned gift.

Doing so is typically a simple process, with just a few sentences added to your will or trust. You can share this sample language with your estate planning attorney:

I give to Animal Friends Alliance,
a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered
in Fort Collins, CO, TIN 20-4969731, $ (amount) or (percentage)

Designating Animal Friends Alliance as a beneficiary costs nothing during your lifetime and can easily be revoked if your circumstances change. 

To discuss planned giving opportunities, please email PlannedGiving@savinganimalstoday.org, or call Director of Philanthropy, Megan Streetman, at (970) 484-8516, extension 1116.

If you have already decided to include us in your future plans, thank you very much, and please consider letting us know. We have created this form to help you provide information about your gift.

Pet Survivorship: Plans to care for your animals

We also offer a Pet Survivorship Program. To learn more about it, please click here or email PlannedGiving@savinganimalstoday.org.

For their remarkable commitment to helping vulnerable animals and people, for their decision to help our world keep growing kinder and more loving, we are grateful to these Legacy of Love Society Members and other members who have asked us to keep their plans private.

Our Generous Society Members

  • Kevin Aldrich & Margaret Cheney
  • Jennifer Anderson
  • Mary Baldwin
  • Marjean & Ed Bender
  • Christi Brockway & Ashley Waddell
  • Kevin & Linda Brucker
  • Kris & Phil Cafaro
  • Kathy Dalton
  • Ludi Fischer
  • Jill Forest
  • Lois & Arn Hart
  • Kent Hotchkiss
  • Craig & Niki Kozak
  • James & Carolyn Landers
  • Carol Landy
  • Ed & Patsy Lazzerini
  • Kelly & Mitch Little
  • Marsie & Jim Mattern
  • Kevin O’Hare
  • Jean Opsomer & Mary Meyer
  • Julie Piepho & David Bee
  • Kathy & Gene Watkinson
  • Wendy Woods