Pet Food Assistance

Notes on Kibble Distribution

UPDATE 11/1/2022:

Due to limited staff on-site, we can only distribute kibble on designated days. To see the next scheduled Kibble distribution date, please see our online calendar. In order to protect the health of our clients, staff, and the community, we will be offering “drive thru” style distribution and we will only be distributing food. Please stay in your vehicle and follow instructions and posted signs.

If you have never attended a Kibble distribution before, you can make our process as smooth and speedy as possible by applying online in advance or emailing an image of your completed application to petresources@savinganimalstoday.org.

Pet Food Assistance for Dogs & Cats

The Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is a program designed to help struggling community members feed their cats and dogs. Any individual who is experiencing hard times (including caretakers of feral cat colonies) can take advantage of this program so long as they are willing to abide by the few guidelines set in place. This program is NOT available to other rescue groups or shelters.

* See our Calendar of Events for monthly distribution dates.

Review our Kibble Supply Guidelines below.

Apply online for pet food assistance.

Download a printable Kibble application

Where do we receive food from?

Most of the food distributed to community members is generously donated by area pet food retailers, including Poudre Pet & Feed Supply, Wal-Mart, Colorado Pet Pantry, and Food Bank for Larimer County. Anyone interested in donating bulk amounts of food to the program should contact the Community Pet Resources Manager at (970)-484-8516 ext. 5133, or email PetResources@SavingAnimalsToday.org to make arrangements.

We also accept donations of food from individuals. Smaller donations are accepted any day of the week during open hours. *We do accept open or partially used bags of food in their original packaging.* If you have cat food to donate that is no longer in its original bag, please contact Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals, as they can use it to feed feral cat colonies.

Kibble Supply Guidelines

The goal of our Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is to help keep pets united with their families through pet food assistance, lessening the chances a pet will be relinquished. Qualifying pet owners regardless of their location can receive supplemental amounts of dog and cat food to help feed their pets. The Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is not a resource for rescue organizations or other animal shelters.

How to enroll in the program

All new clients should apply online, submit a photo or scanned copy of the enrollment form, or come to the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry in person to complete the form.

2321 E. Mulberry St., Unit 1
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(At the southwest corner of Hwy. 14 and Timberline Road, off the frontage road)

Photo identification is required

You will be asked to show identification when you come to pick up food. This will help us find your information more quickly, allow us to make updates to your form, confirm your legal address, and verify you are the person receiving the service. Please remember to bring a valid driver’s license, ID card or some form of photo identification that has your name and address.

Number of visits may be limited

All Kibble Supply clients may receive food for 3 consecutive months out of the calendar year without providing proof of need. If you need food assistance for a longer period, you must provide proof of government assistance or low income. Once proof is provided, you may receive food for the remaining months during which you need assistance.

Proof of need required after 3 months

To receive assistance for longer than 3 months, you will be asked to provide proof of need. This means bringing proof of the qualifying benefit you receive.

The following programs qualify:
  • Medicaid
  • WIC
  • Food Stamps
  • SSI
  • Section 8 Public Housing
  • Larimer County Works
  • TANF
  • LEAP
  • OAP
  • AND
  • CCAP
  • OLTC
Food is available first come, first served

The Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is a first come, first served program. We ask that you not save spots in line for other people receiving food. We will hand out numbers to those in line beginning at 9 a.m. on distribution days.

Amount of pet food supplied

This program is intended to help supplement the food you purchase for your dogs and cats. We will provide you with half of the amount of food needed to feed your pets for one month. Food amounts for dogs are based on the dog’s weight. All cats receive a set amount of food regardless of size.

Pets must be spayed/neutered

We require that any cats or dogs you are feeding on the program must be spayed/neutered. If any of these animals are not spayed/neutered, you will be given two opportunities to comply before we are unable to continue helping you with food.

If you need financial assistance with spaying or neutering any of your pets, please let us know. We would love to help! Read more about our Prevent A Litter (PAL+) program and see if you qualify for subsidized cost spay/neuter.

Picking up food for others

You can pick up food for yourself and one other person only. You must be listed as an “authorized” pickup person. To authorize someone to pick up your food, you must come to the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry and update your client form in person.

No new pets, please

We cannot stress this enough! We know you want to help us save all the homeless animals in our community; however, we urge you to refrain from bringing more pets into your home than you currently have.

If you find a dog or cat that needs help, we will be happy to give you information on different animal rescue resources in our community.

Other pet food banks

If you receive food from another pet food bank, please refrain from getting food from the Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry.

We want to help as many people and pets as possible, so PLEASE take only what you need. The demand for this resource is always greater than the supply.

Dates when food is distributed

See our Calendar of Events for distribution dates, which are on various Sundays or Thursdays each month. The distribution period is from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. on the scheduled dates.

Location for kibble pickup

Kibble is handed out in front of Unit 12A of Animal Friends Alliance on scheduled distribution dates.

We are located at:
2321 E. Mulberry St., Unit 1
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(At the southwest corner of Hwy. 14 and Timberline Road, off the frontage road)

The goal of our Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is to help community members feed their pets so that they don’t have to relinquish them to shelters. We want to help as many people and pets as possible, so PLEASE take only what you need. The demand for this resource is always greater than the supply.

Emergency food is available on a limited basis. Contact our Kibble Supply Coordinator at petresources@savinganimalstoday.org or call (970) 233-5133 for more information and/or assistance.