Pet Food Assistance

Notes on Kibble Distribution

If you require immediate assistance with pet food, you can attend a scheduled Kibble Pantry day without submitting an application for the first time. However, after utilizing the Kibble Pantry, it is your responsibility to either complete the application or reach out to our Community Pet Resources Program for help in filling it out. For emergent food or help please call 970-484-8516 ext. 5133 or email PetResources@savinganimalstoday.org

Pet Food Assistance for Dogs & Cats

The Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is a program designed to help struggling community members feed their cats and dogs. Any individual who is experiencing hard times (including caretakers of feral cat colonies) can take advantage of this program so long as they are willing to abide by the few guidelines set in place. This program is NOT available to other rescue groups or shelters.

* See our Calendar of Events for monthly distribution dates.

Review our Kibble Supply Guidelines here.

Apply online for pet food assistance.

If you are unable to apply online please call us at 970-484-8516 ext. 5133.

Where do we receive food from?

Most of the food distributed to community members is generously donated by area pet food retailers, including Poudre Pet & Feed SupplyWal-Mart, Tractor Supply, and Food Bank for Larimer County. Anyone interested in donating bulk amounts of food to the program should contact the Community Pet Resources Manager at (970)-484-8516 ext. 5133, or email PetResources@SavingAnimalsToday.org to make arrangements.

We also accept donations of food from individuals. Smaller donations are accepted any day of the week during open hours. We also accept donations from individuals including unopen, opened, or non-labeled food. 

How to enroll in the program

All new clients should apply online. Click here to see our Kibble Supply Qualification Guidelines. To view our frequently asked questions click here.

2321 E. Mulberry St., Unit 12A
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(At the southwest corner of Hwy. 14 and Timberline Road, off the frontage road)

Number of visits may be limited

Once application is accepted, you may come to distribution once per month. We will only provide food for the animals listed on the application, no new pets.

Food is available first come, first served

The Kibble Supply Pet Food Pantry is a first come, first served program. We ask that you not save spots in line for other people receiving food. Due to the average wait time experienced by our clients and the overall growth in the program, we can no longer accommodate special requests. In the case of an emergent need for pet food, there is an emergency bin located on the northside of our Mulberry Campus by Unit 1.

Amount of pet food supplied

This program is intended to help supplement the food you purchase for your dogs and cats. We will provide you with half of the amount of food needed to feed your pets for one month. Food amounts for dogs are based on the dog’s weight. All cats receive a set amount of food regardless of size.

Pets must be spayed/neutered

We require that any cats or dogs using our Kibble Supply Pantry are spayed/neutered. If your pets aren’t spayed/neutered and you need assistance with pet food, please still apply so we can provide solutions or other resources. If any of your pets are not spayed/neutered and you need assistance or help getting them fixed, please email PetResources@savinganimalstoday.org.

Other pet food banks

If you are needing more assistance, please look into these other community resources:

Dates when food is distributed

To see our scheduled distribution dates click here.