Volunteer Fundraiser

Improve our Taft Hill Meet & Greet Room!
Volunteer Fundraiser

Let’s make our Taft Hill Meet & Greet Room more Dog-Friendly!

If you are a volunteer at Taft Hill, you have likely noticed that the acoustics in the Meet & Greet room are terrible! It’s so loud that the dogs get easily stressed out and they aren’t able to show their most charming selves to their potential new families. (You can see sweet Harrison is trying to put on a brave face, but it sounds loud and scary in there!)

Installing the recommended 88 acoustic panels to make it more peaceful and welcoming in the Meet & Greet room will cost $1,700, which comes out to about $20 per panel. If 88 of our Awesome Volunteers gave just $20, we could get this room fixed up and make adoption a better experience for people and pups! We are almost halfway there with 37 of the 88 panels sponsored.  Will you chip in and help make it easier and more comfortable for our sweet shelter dogs to find their new loving homes?  Make your gift below or email development@savinganimalstoday.org for other ways to give.