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Run Fur Fun Spooktacular

Are you ready for a spooky, choose-your-own adventure challenge?  Run Fur Fun Spooktacular lets you (and your furry best friend) set a goal, pick a path, and select the swag package that will motivate you to conquer whatever challenge lies ahead!  Throughout the month of October, walk, run, bike, or fly your broomstick any distance you choose and enjoy fun Animal Friends Alliance swag that keeps you striving for that extra mile.  Best of all, your registration supports homeless dogs and cats in need in your community.  Meet your goals while making an impact for animals! 

Join our Animal Friends Alliance Strava Club and use this tool to track your miles, map your routes, and compete with friends!

If you’d rather not use Strava to track your miles, you can use our mileage tracker form to manually log your distances throughout the challenge.

Thank you to our Run Fur Fun Spooktacular Sponsors!


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Agility Star Gold

Basic Obedience Silver

Wagging Tail Bronze

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Choose your adventure, choose your Swag

Not only can you set your own goal and choose how to meet it, but you can choose the swag package that will motivate you to reach the finish line!  Each package includes premium swag and all items from all lower levels. 

The Upside Down - $35

Has 2020 left you in the Upside Down? Pick up your heels and flee from the demogorgan!  Get yourself  back on solid ground with an event performance tee, New Belgium lip balm, a New Belgium bottle opener keychain, a spookily cute pet bandana and an event swag bag filled with goodies from our sponsors! 

The Overlook Hotel - $50

All work and no play is no way to spend your fall…get outside and earn some cool swag with your pup!  At this level, you’ll ALSO get an Animal Friends Alliance branded performance gaiter/head wrap, and a New Belgium light-up beer sign (for the first 200 registrants at this level or higher)

The Forbidden Forest - $100

Expecto Patronum, witches and wizards!  Wands ready – an Animal Friends Alliance quarter-zip performance top, New Belgium branded collar and leash, and logo metal camp mug are headed your way!   

Mordor - $200

One does not simply walk into Mordor…but you can!  We believe in you!  You’ll be ready for an epic adventure with an Animal Friends Alliance embroidered logo soft shell jacket, an Alliance-branded Camelbak Chute water bottle, and a Fat Tire beanie from New Belgium!