Bringing Paws Together
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Bringing Paws Together:

Building the best future for animals and their families

Animal Friends Alliance is taking the next step to help even more dogs, cats, and people in our community. Through Bringing Paws Together, we have raised $2,800,000 to unify and expand our sheltering services at our Taft Hill Campus and to strengthen our community pet resource programs to better serve families in need.

We invite you to join us for our grand opening on January 28 from 10a-2p.  Enjoy the day with tours of our new facility, learn about our amazing programs, and meet some adoptable dogs and cats!

You can be part of our campaign by donating though our website, texting BPTgive to 50155,or making a pledge.  Contact our Director of Philanthropy, Megan Streetman, to discuss how you can leave your mark and make a gift that will benefit cats, dogs, and people for years to come.

Email: Megan.Streetman@SavingAnimalsToday.org  •  Phone: (970) 666-7073

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of the way to our goal

Bringing Paws Together

Campaign Highlights

Building and Renovation

Our 3,900 sq ft new shelter building and 4,800 sq ft renovation will unify our sheltering & adoptions programs, making us more efficient and able to provide even better care for our animals.

Cat Colony Rooms

Eleven walk-in cat colony rooms will not only provide an improved residential experience for our cats, but will allow potential adopters to get closer to their new prospective family member.

Enrichment Center and Community Room

Our new building keeps both the human and animal experience in mind.  The Enrichment Center will provide indoor space for behavior training, playgroups, and essential enrichment activities and the Community Room will invite our neighbors in to learn, share, and grow.

More space for Community Pet Resources Programs

 Combining our shelters at the Taft Hill Campus will allow us to expand our Community Pet Resources programs at our Mulberry Campus.  Demand for subsidized spay/neuter and vaccines, community cat assistance, and pet food assistance will continue to grow and now we will have the space to meet that need. 

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There are many ways to stay informed about our capital campaign:

Contact Us

If you have questions or want to get involved with Bringing Paws Together, reach our at info@savinganimalstoday.org.  We will be happy to tell you more and and hope you’ll feel as excited and inspired about this campaign as we do!

Support Bringing Paws Together

Your support is essential to the success of our campaign.  Whether you can donate $5 or make a monthly gift through 2022, we need you to reach our goal and to build the best future for animals and their families.  Here are just a few of the ways that you can give:

  • Donate online today
  • Text BPTgive to 50155
  • Pledge to give monthly or in installments
  • Donate stocks, real property, or other assets
  • Donate in-kind services
  • Host a fundraiser on social media
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Adam Lindsay

Adams Bank & Trust

Africa Garcia

AirBud & B, LLC

Alan Kessock

Ali Eccleston

All Figured Out

Amanda Schroeder

Amie Sharp

Amy Young & Michael Hogan

Amy Beuschlein

Amy Jablonovsky

Ana Morales Gillard

Andrea Kerr-Shulski

Angie Van heel

Animal Assistance Foundation

Ann Mear

Anna Beucler

Annie Davey

Arlene Hosack

Ashley & Jon Boothe

Austin Korshak Hach Memorial Fund

Bank of Colorado

Barb Huff

Barbara Schneider

Becky Robertson

Ben and Diana Zigterman

Beth Fisher

Betsy Hoff

Bette  Gelfand

Betty Lau

Bill & Mary Wooldridge

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

Bob & Jeanne Criswell

Bob Gregory

Bobbi Cipriano & Lu Callahan

Bogdan Burlacu

Bonnie &  Kim Szidon

Bonny Gainley

Brenda Epstein

Brian Steeley

Brigitte Schmidt

Cafe Bluebird

Cami & Kris Lee

Camille Hansen

Carol Gertsch & Louis Swanson

Carol Hunsicker

Carol Spiciarich Mahoney

Carol Viney

Caroline Cataldi

Carolyn Wall

Catherine Beauchamp

Cecil & Kay Gutierrez

Charlene Cromer

Cheryl Rennels

Chris and Patti Wieland

Chris Dodge

Chris Goodale

Christi Brockway & Ashley Waddell

Christopher Williams

Christy Tom

Claudia Arbaugh

Claudia McGee

Claudia Whitcomb

Colorado Women of Influence

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado

Coppermuse Distillery

Cornerstone Home Lending

Countryside Animal Hospital

Courtney Loflin

Craig & Niki Kozak

Cyndi Brown

Dale & Jean Beucler

Dani Riley

Danielle Ardrey

Darrell Wyatt

David & Trish Lerner

David Palmini

David Putty and Carolyn M. Meehan

Dawn and Donald McGlasson

Dawn Johnson

Dawn Paschal

Deanna Nagel

Debbie Chesonis

Deborah & Clyde Dean

Deborah Hasler

Debra Applin

Debra Bidwell

Debra Megrossi

Dellenbach Motors

Denise Wilks

Dennis Schick, Re/MAX Alliance

Diana Wade

Diane and Pete Zinni

Dominick Esposito

Don & Laura Hillger

Donald & Steffani McChesney

Donna Baily

Donna Metcalf

Donna Sewald

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Doug & Sue Leinhart

Dylan Montague

Ehrlich Family Trust

Eileen Murray

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Elizabeth Moncrief

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Ella Zevenbergen

Engle Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation

Eric Carlson

Eric Schroeder

Erica Suchman & Joe Bixler

Erin Depp

Erin Priest


Fred Newcomb

Gabriel & Caitlin Dunbar

Georgine Mondich

Gerald Kuch

Glenda Roth

Grant Wilcox

Greta Cornett

Haley Barton

Halie Rostberg

Hayley Cole-Moench

Henry and Jana Palermo

Holly & Paul Ashby

Horizon Mechanical Solutions

Hossein & Robin Monajjem

Hoyle Curtis

Hugh Price

In memory of Marguerite Kugler

Jack Coman & Diann Patton

Jackson Lutris Alder

James & Susan Hayes

James Christofferson & Leslie Quitmeyer

James Irvin

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Jane Nicolet

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Jill Vesty

Jim & Carrie Landers

Jim Tobin

Jo-Anne Bartz

Joanne DiVico

Jodi Wood

Jody Wettach

John Chatterton

John Waddell

Jonelle Mildenberger

Jordan Dunn

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Joyce Lathrop

Judy & Steve Geckeler

Judy and Randy Miotke

Judy Hinkhouse

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Julie Piepho & David Bee

Justine King

Kareen Davidson

Karen Horn & Geof Roscoe

Karen Howat

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Mary Ann Kuster

Mary Ann Moore

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Mary Baldwin

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Megan & Jaren Seid

Megan & Robert Streetman

Megan Adams Folkerts

MegaStar Financial Corp

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Mickey Swanty-Pinkerton

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Moe & Matt Chun

Natalie & Bob Barnes

Neal Babcock


Noodles and Co.

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Pat Dalton

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Patti Stickler

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Paula Bernhardt

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Peg Ayers

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