2021 Brewery Bingo
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Brewpawpaw 2021

Brewery Bingo!

BrewPawPaw Bingo is back for a second year of brewery-hopping deliciousness! Order your card now and enjoy free drinks, taster flights, and BOGO deals from your favorite local businesses!

This year, in addition to tasty beverages, each player will receive our 2021 BrewPawPaw event t-shirt designed by local artist Jon Guerdrum and inspired by animals rescued from Animal Friends Alliance. If you get a “bingo” (five squares in a row), you’ll win a 16-oz tulip glass featuring our lovely event art – perfect for toasting your lifesaving role in our Alliance!

This year, we have extended the length of our event to 16 days, including 3 weekends. You will have plenty of time to yell “bingo” all while bettering the lives of cats and dogs in need of your help.

Thanks to our incredible breweries and other sponsors, all of whom are graciously donating their products, Animal Friends Alliance will receive all profits from this event. Early bird tickets are on sale now through June 4 for $35! We are also offering a Designated Driver bingo card containing tasty soda, kombucha, and Izze redemptions for $20. Get your card now to join the fun and don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

Want to know more?  Read our Frequently Asked Questions, or email development@savinganimalstoday.org.

Frequently Asked Questions:
When is 2021 BrewPawPaw Bingo?

Bingo begins Friday, June 11 and will be ongoing until Sunday, June 27.  The event is 16 days, including 3 weekends!

When and where can I buy tickets?

Early bird tickets for BrewPawPaw bingo are on sale now for $35!

Buy your tickets online, at Maxline Brewing, or at Rally King Brewing for $40 beginning June 5.

How do I get a “BINGO”?

In order to get a bingo, visit five different bingo square locations and receive a stamp for redeeming your deal. After you have five stamps in a row, redeem your specialty tulip glass at Maxline Brewing or Rally King Brewing.

If I don’t get a “BINGO” can I still receive the glass?

No, in order to receive our specialty tulip glass, you’ll need to visit at least five locations on your card (or four if you bingo through the center “free space”!).

How do I get around to all the stops in only 16 days?

Bingo was designed as a fun way for Northern CO to help us continue our lifesaving work, while enjoying delicious craft beers. While you can partake in all of the deals, our main focus is on creating a great experience for our community, finding purrfect homes for animals, and thanking our generous breweries with well earned tips!

What do I receive for the center “Free Space”?

Each bingo player receives our 2021 bingo event t-shirt, featuring art by Guerdrumart.

I purchased a bingo card online. Where do I pick up my card and t-shirt?

If you purchased your card online you can pick it up Mon-Fri 9-4pm at: 

2321 E Mulberry St. Unit 4
Fort Collins, CO

If you can’t pick up your card and shirt during that time frame, please email development@savinganimalstoday.org, and we can make other arrangements.

Where can I purchase my card in-person?

You can purchase your bingo card at Maxline Brewing or Rally King Brewing beginning June 5. They will provide you with your event t-shirt.

Are you offering a Designated Driver card?

Yes! This year we’ll be selling DD cards containing non-alcoholic beverages on each square. 

Cards will be sold for $20 online

Thank you for driving safely!

How are the breweries involved in the event?

Our amazing in-kind sponsors donate all of the beer for the event!

They are philanthropic friends to animals and agreed to donate their incredible products to help Animal Friends Alliance help animals in need in our community. Please tip your bartenders and frequent their establishments!

Who is Animal Friends Alliance?

We are an adoption-guarantee shelter and subsidized spay/neuter clinic offering resources to keep pets in loving homes.

We are committed to finding healthy homes for animals where they are wanted, cared for, and loved.

All proceeds from BrewPawPaw Bingo go directly to saving animals today!

Who designed the art?

The wonderfully talented, Jon Guerdrum, from Guerdrumart created our custom art based off of photos of our rescue animals. Visit his Etsy page to experience all of his creations.

Thank you

Cheers to our Presenting Sponsor, Poudre Pet & Feed Supply!  Thank you for your support of BrewPawPaw and Animal Friends Alliance.

Participating breweries and businesses
2021 Signature art

The specialty event tulip glass and a one-of-a-kind bingo t-shirt were designed by local artist, Jon Guerdrum.

You can also take home a BrewPawPaw 2021 tank top for an additional $15.