By Doreen Godfrey, Trainer at Everything Dog

At Everything Dog in Loveland, we are so lucky to have 6 trainers that all have a common joy to work with people and their dogs to become solid, long lasting partners. When a human family commits to a dog, there are several steps to start that partnership/relationship.

  1. The puppy or adult dog needs to get comfortable with their new environment first, and the human parents help by establishing a routine of where the dog sleeps, when it eats on a schedule, and begin with training.
  2. Next just like in human children, a loving routine builds trust, and humans need to find a training center to build on the trust through basic manners, basic behaviors, and yes this can include games with a purpose.
  3. Among the first training sessions, the trainer communicates the goals that a class will be working towards and also helps the human and the dog with their concerns.
  4. All humans and dogs learn better when they are taught how to relax so that the learning becomes more solid.
  5. Most behaviors that humans want to achieve with their dogs at the beginning are:
    • learning how to focus on the human so he/she becomes a big value to the dog,
    • working on walking comfortably with a loose leash,
    • working on correct timing and signaling for barking situations, jumping up on people, and handling visitors, and
    • learning how to observe their dogs, and the signals the dogs give to the humans.

At Everything Dog, we work on building connections with the dogs, basic manners, starting puppies off for a good life, offer great activities such as rally, parkour, basic and more advance obedience training, freestyle dancing with your dog, conformation levels for showing dogs, and AKC programs like Tricks, Canine Good Citizenship, STAR Puppy program. We also do private lessons and private evaluations to find the right fit for both the humans and their dogs.

Visit over our website and don’t hesitate to contact us — www.EverythingDogCo.com or 970-410-6242.