Mack has silver fur and a heart of gold!

Mack is a sweet, playful, and handsome Weimaraner mix who has faced more than his share of hardships. Sadly, he first arrived at Animal Friends Alliance because his person passed away. After that, he experienced an injury that caused the fun-loving 6-year-old a lot of pain. However, Animal Friends Alliance is committed to ensuring this pup has a bright future and loving home. Thanks to the generosity of our friends in the veterinary community and supporters like you, Mack is going to get the surgery that he needs on September 1.

Our Taft Hill Shelter Veterinarian, Dr. John Marsella, explains more:

Mack suffered a cranial cruciate ligament rupture (aka ACL tear) in his left knee. This is a ligament that prevents the knee joint from moving abnormally. When this ligament breaks, the femur (thigh bone) can slide down and back, causing inflammation in the joint, which is very painful- so much so that the dog will hold the leg up and walk on 3 legs. There are a few different types of surgery to correct a cruciate ligament tear. Because Mack is a large boy at about 75 pounds, the best option for him is a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy), a surgical procedure in which a section of bone is cut, rotated, and affixed back in place using a stainless steel bone plate. This operation changes the angle of the top of the tibia (ie, the shin bone) so that the force on the knee joint does not try to slide “down hill” any longer, and rather pushes against a flat surface (the tibial plateau).

Mack will have at least 8 weeks of medication, physical therapy and restricted activity to undergo after the surgery is complete. He will eventually be able to run, jump, and play as if nothing ever happened.

Dr. Trent Gall, DVM, DACVS, a boarded veterinary surgeon, will be performing this procedure at our Taft Hill facility. Gall Mobile Veterinary Surgery offers a variety of specialty surgeries at several hospitals in the area. His technician, Britta, will assist with the procedure.

Thank you to Gall Mobile Veterinary Surgery for agreeing to perform this specialized procedure at a significant discount as well as to BizPAW Paws ‘N Claws for providing x-rays services for Mack. We are so grateful that Mack will be able to receive the best possible care so he’s ready to get back to playing and having adventures.

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