Say hello to Kent, our amazing volunteer who has been a volunteer and supporter of Animal Friends Alliance since 2009. He first began as a Cat Care Volunteer and then started to foster kitties which he has continued into today. Currently, Kent is assisting with a big project taking all of the adoption paperwork from Animal House and the Fort Collins Cat Rescue to convert into E Files. This is a very time consuming job as he has hundreds of papers to scan and as you can imagine translating handwritten documents can be tricky! He is such a wonderful member of our team and we couldn’t do it without him. Though converting documents to E files is not the most glamorous job, Kent jumps in to help when we need support.

Kent has continued to support us because he believes that Animal Friends Alliance makes a major contribution to our city and the surrounding community by all of the services we provide. He also values his experiences as a foster volunteer as these have been some of his best memories. He finds that as a foster there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a room full of kittens and watching them run totally amok. It’s also very gratifying for him to see the kitties get adopted by a good family though it is always hard to say goodbye. Kent is no stranger to the “foster win,” having adopted 3 of his foster kitties.

When Kent is away from the shelter he enjoys reading, landscaping, rock collecting and cycling. He also loves to search for new and exciting music. At one time he ran an Import-Export business involving experimental and avant garde music from all over the world. Kent was born right here in Fort Collins at Poudre Valley Hospital. He graduated from Poudre High School and later went to CSU and obtained a Masters degree in History with minors in Education and Political Science during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Following a short period when he lived in Providence Rhode Island, he worked in the textile mills, then returned to Fort Collins and taught High School at Rocky Mountain for one year. After that he embarked on a 38 year career in the IC Industry with an Engineering group at Hewlett Packard.

Kent is a hard worker and a fighter. Around Christmas time in 2015 his doctor told him to get his affairs in order because he had Stage 4 Lung Cancer and had only three months to live. Thankfully it turned out not to be Stage 4 so he still had a fighting chance. The doctors at the Cancer Center went to work to save Kent’s life. He underwent multiple surgeries, Chemo and radiation treatments. Finally they removed the upper right lobe of his lung. Today he is still regularly scanned but no cancer has been found. Kent is still fighting and we are so glad to be a part of his team! Thank you, Kent, for your constant support and all you do for the animals!