One of our awesome volunteers, Miranda Bishop started volunteering with Animal Friends Alliance in October 2019. After volunteering in animal care in Denver during middle school, Miranda decided to continue her passion for working with animals when she moved to Fort Collins for college. She finds that volunteering at a shelter is the most rewarding experience and the best way to give back to animals in need. 

Miranda started volunteering at the Taft shelter in Dog Care 1 and 2 and she has volunteered in Cat Care as well. Since then she has branched out to Dog Walking & Enrichment and has gone through extra training in order to work with the Purple Dogs. In the past, Miranda took classes for dog reactivity and she worked at a dog daycare. She has been able to utilize those skills to work with dogs who are difficult to handle. Miranda finds that in working with large dogs and those with behavioral issues, she has been able to build her confidence so she can help save more animals. 

Volunteering has become a huge part of Miranda’s life. After volunteering at other shelters, when Miranda found out about our adoption guarantee policy she knew this organization was the right fit for her. Miranda sees the importance of a shelter that is committed to every animal that is taken into our care. She sees the strides Animal Friends Alliance takes to rehabilitate animals with behavioral issues and the guarantee of finding every animal a home even when there are challenges. She believes that every life saved makes a massive impact, especially for dogs that would otherwise not be adopted out. She works hard in every task that she takes on at the shelter to ensure that she is doing everything she can to help each animal she comes into contact with. 

Miranda has built many great memories while volunteering at the shelter. She especially enjoys helping out with dogs who are shy and need some extra time in order to build trust. Recently she worked with Simona, a fearful schnauzer and Lucy who both needed some training in order to work through some behavioral challenges. She started by tossing treats to the pups when she walked by to associate positivity whenever she walked past them. Once Lucy became a Purple dog, Miranda was able to go through a training session so she could walk Lucy. She over time gained Lucy’s trust and now Lucy allows Miranda to pet her. She has met so many amazing dogs that she adores, such as Hegar and Brekker who she spent time with while working consecutive shifts.

At home Miranda has a dog named Earl that she thought was a lab/cattle dog mix. After doing a DNA test she found out that he is actually a 50 pound Chihuahua mix! Earl is one of 3 dogs that Miranda has owned that have had challenges with reactivity. Miranda has spent a lot of time helping Earl work through his frustration on leash and now he has stopped chasing cars and lunging at other dogs. Miranda also spends a lot of time with her mother’s dogs, Sven the Shih Tzu and Tasha the mutt. Sven is a mighty viking warrior in a 15 lb fluffy white body while Tasha is a lady of mysterious age who has been with the family for 10 years. All three dogs are very important to Miranda though she spends most of her time with Earl absorbing all of his love each day they spend together.

When Miranda isn’t busy at school or the shelter, she’s crafting up a storm! She is a creative Renaissance woman who dabbles in painting, sculpting, collaging, sewing clothing and she loves to quilt. As a full time student, part time volunteer and full time dog momma, Miranda is always on the move. After moving to Fort Collins from Denver, she has been laser focused on her goals and spending time doing all of the things she loves to do. She is attending CSU for visual arts and after she completes her degree she plans to work 3 jobs as a freelance jeweler, an animal care worker and a horror story writer. She also hopes to join our team in the next K9 Coach class!