Sara and one of her fur babies

Lane and his dog Nellie

Sara and her son Lane have been volunteering at Animal Friends Alliance since December of 2019 and are one of our awesome parent & child volunteer teams. Sara started rescuing cats on her own for a few years before finding out about our organization. With Animal Friends Alliance having the same goals as Sara, she knew it would be a perfect fit. Sara and Lane started out as foster volunteers, taking in adult cats and kittens. Recently, they trained together in Shelter Cat Care in order to help the kitties at our Mulberry Campus. They went even further in their training to learn how to work with our Yellow Card cats. On occasion, Sara is able to help with transports and adoption packet making. 

Sara and Lane really value their work with Animal Friends Alliance as they feel they can help our organization by making a difference in the lives of our shelter animals. Sara is a big advocate of our Community Cat Program, where we go out to feral cat communities to trap, spay/neuter & return. Sara sees the value in the organization’s ability to help those in need through our Community Cat Program, Pet Food Pantry and public Spay & Neuter services. Lane loves to help every animal he can as he feels that animals and people need each other. He believes that each animal deserves the very best care. 

Sara’s most memorable moment working with Animal Friends Alliance was when a friend told her about a mother cat and her kittens who were living in a storm drain in Greeley. Sara knew she had to get involved, but she didn’t know where to begin. She asked for help and within an hour she had people from all over reaching out with tips and offers to help the feral family. Rain was on the horizon, so she knew they had to move fast. She saved the family of cats and saw them go into their foster homes and that’s when she knew she had found her calling. Lane loves to help the kitties at the shelter and every day is a great day if he can help make the cat’s lives better. 

At home, Sara and Lane have two kitties, Tiny and King Oliver. Tiny was Sara’s first bottle fed baby who came to her as a newborn at 3 days old. Tiny made her way into the hearts of Sara and her family and has been with them ever since. The family also has a dog named Nellie who is great with cats. Nellie shows Sara’s foster kitties that dogs and cats can be friends too! 

Sara and Lane are life-long Coloradans, originally from LaSalle, Colorado. Sara has lived in the same house since she was 6 years old. Pre-Covid, Sara worked as a Jazzercise instructor. Now she is helping care for her elderly grandparents. Lane is a high school student and runs his own lawn care business. In Sara’s free time, she loves to run and enjoy outdoor activities. She and her husband enjoy watching football together even if they’re cheering on different teams! Lane enjoys learning and teaching others about the Bible. He also enjoys playing music, games and hanging out with friends on Zoom.

In the future, Sara plans to continue assisting in our Community Cat Program and educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Sara and Lane plan to continue volunteering at the cat shelter as well and they’re always willing to help with newborns who need more care such as bottle feeding. Lane is looking forward to continuing getting people excited about adopting shelter animals and helping the animal community as a whole. Lane would like to work at an animal shelter like Animal Friends Alliance when he begins his career.