Rob T is an amazing volunteer who has been with our organization for over 6 years! Rob became interested in working with cats when his roommate moved out, taking his three cats with him. Rob missed the cats so much that he decided to find a place where he could go to connect with cats on a regular basis. He found Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic, now Animal Friends Alliance, and has been one of our most reliable Shelter Cat Care volunteers ever since. He finds the morning shift to be the most rewarding as the cats are ready for breakfast and give lots of snuggles. Giving the kitties love and affection fills Rob’s heart, especially when he’s able to get one of the shy cats to trust him!

Rob says that his most memorable experience volunteering was when he was working with a shelter cat who was very stressed out and unhappy. Rob dedicated individual time to work with the cat, offering some catnip to the spicy kitty. The catnip made all the difference in the world and the cat’s whole demeanor changed. Rob continues to go above and beyond to work with the cats that need more time and attention to help them come out of their shell. After starting as a volunteer at the cat shelter, Rob met his sweet soul kitty, Evangeline and decided to adopt her as his own. After 6 years together, they have grown inseparable. Evangeline has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) but she’s not letting that stand in her way to living her best life with Rob. Based on the picture below, it sure looks like she is happy and very loved!


A little bit about Rob: he moved to Colorado as a teenager to continue his education at Front Range Community College in Welding. After graduating, Rob landed a job working as a welder for a small local company called Cycletote Bicycle Trailers. The company makes aluminum cycling trailers for dogs and kids with special needs. When Rob is not busy at work or at the shelter, he enjoys drawing, playing board games and learning about new things. He plans to pursue artistic ambitions in the future.

Thank you Rob for your amazing volunteer service with Animal Friends Alliance. Your dedication and commitment to caring for our shelter cats by providing extra enrichment and socialization during your weekly shift makes such a huge difference in their lives while they are in our shelter and later in their new homes!